About Us

About us

« After obtaining a Master’s degree in Economics & Marketing, I have been working for various transport and logistics companies within lots of different departments, whereby I have gained extensive experience and developed the required skill set.

During this time, I had the honour to work with a lot of competent colleagues. However, I often felt as if we were imprisoned in a system where maximising profits appeared to be the only goal, even to the detriment of employees’ wellbeing. I felt like higher level decisions were too often simply imposed on everyone without proper explanation nor backed up by sound logic. Within this environment the voice of the customer got lost far too often…

That’s it? Is this the way a “service-oriented company” should work?


That made me think… I was certain that there was room for improvement… How could I “do my thing”, how could I develop and combine my ideas for transport, management and customer service together with my extensive experience to form a coherent package?


By starting my own business…

“I have the simplest tastes.

I am always satisfied with the best.”

– Oscar Wilde (Irish writer)

I started Zerpa at the end of 2015. Having the status of Transport Organiser – Freight Forwarder, we carry out the transport orders of our customers using the positive vibes and synergies that are present between our team, the customers and our carriers. Using this optimistic attitude, we think together with our customers to solve their transport questions and problems in an ideal way.

This mindset has become the foundation of our enterprise philosophy: we aim to achieve a sustainable cooperation with our customers based on trustworthy relationships and a positive attitude. We’d go through fire for them. Our customers mean everything to us.

A funny side note in our story is that we took inspiration from nothing less than a little ant to formulate our core values and business philosophy.  


Please read on, you will be pleasantly surprised !”, Patrick Cosijn, CEO ZERPA


Hi, I am Patrick Cosijn, the founder and driving force behind Zerpa.

Listening to your concerns and providing timely, specific and honest responses is my personal responsibility.

I will ensure you’ll experience a flawless service. If the customer is happy, then so am I!


Hi, my name is Vanessa Lépine.

I am responsible for planning your transport and making sure your goods are loaded and unloaded according to your specifications.

In addition, I am an administrative all-rounder and I make sure everything at Zerpa runs smoothly.


Hi, my name is Vanessa Coisne.

My main tasks are prospecting in a spontaneous way, analysing transport requests and providing accurate responses to price inquiries.

I make sure new customers feel comfortable with us and give them my full attention.


Hi, I am Pascale Hofman.

I have a passion for numbers.

I ensure the books are in good shape, so Zerpa can grow further as a small, family-owned, stable and financially healthy company!