Our inspiration

Our inspiration

The story of the ant…

…Or how a small animal inspires to achieve great results…

Most of us think ants are annoying little creatures and we prefer to get rid of them as quickly as possible. 

However, if you were to study ants in greater detail you would come to remarkable conclusions about the way they work and live together.

Ants have inspired us!

Here are five life lessons we’ve learnt from them:

3. Ants are focused and adaptable

They have no time to lose focus or to be hindered by obstacles.

They are very adaptable and will find an alternative solution in no time to still allow them to achieve their goals.

Have you ever tried to stop an ant with your finger or hand?

4. Ants are well organised and have a long-term vision

Ants will toil when required but when it is time to rest they will do so too.

During the summer ants work hard to create a large enough food supply for the coming winter, demonstrating that they have the ability to look ahead and remain focused to achieve their long-term goals.

5. Ants share knowledge

When ants find food, they will leave a trail behind for others to follow so that they can also benefit from the food supply.

In other words, ants are not selfish.

In comparison, humans tend to share their knowledge much less.

1. Ants are dedicated workers

Within the ant colony, every ant knows its task and is very well aware of what it needs to do. They are extremely courageous, dedicated and active little insects, that are solely focused on their job.

Even without supervisors handing out orders they manage to execute their duties with excellent care.

Ants can always count on their co-ants!

2. Ants stand for teamwork

A single ant is small yet strong as it can carry 50 times its own weight, however it also realises that it relies on others when tasks become too strenuous. Have you ever seen a group of ants drag a piece of fruit around?

It is as if the concept of “teamwork” was invented by these fascinating critters; always putting self-interest aside and rather go for the greater good: caring for the nest and their queen.

Ants realise that together they can achieve more.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

– Albert Einstein (physicist)